Tuff Leadership Training

Tuff Leadership Training trains managers in a style of leadership, leadership training, that produces motivated, responsible employees and self-reliant teams. 

We will put you through intense leadership training in common, challenging management scenarios and provide substantial personal feedback.

We’re experts in handling difficult conversations, conflict management, group development, cooperation and leadership.

Practical leadership training is much tougher than learning theory; putting new skills into practice and having the courage to drive change is even tougher. And perhaps the hardest, toughest thing a manager can do is exercise the kind of leadership that is based squarely on trusting the capacity of his or her staff.

”Tuff” is Swedish for ”tough”. Swedish managerial models have been successful through the decades and throughout the world. Our ideas are radical and new, also to Sweden. But we are proud of our Swedish origin.

That’s why we’re called Tuff Leadership Training!

Next training:
London, May 30-31 + June 27-28

Are you tired of working too much, of carrying all the responsibility on your shoulders? Tired of employees who seem to be dependent on your drive and energy and your knowledge? Are you interested in more self-managing employees and teams?

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Thousands of managers and HR-representatives, in Sweden and all over the world, have attended this introductory seminar on leadership and gained a deepened knowledge of today’s management paradigm and the new emerging ways of looking at leadership and motivation.


What our clients say

It´s like a petri-dish of inspiration, growth and evolution. Thought I came here to learn new skills, feel like humpty-dumpty, who has been cracked open and put back together again. This needs to reach more and more and more people!Suparna Malhotra, Career Progression Coach, Leadership Development for Women, BPI group, England

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Tuff Leadership Training, step 1:

London, England
May 30-31 + June 27-28

Helsinki, Finland
– May 10-11 + June 7-8

Amsterdam, Holland
– April 20-21 + May 22-23
– September 6-7 + October 4-5

Barcelona, Spain
– April 26-27 + May 23-24
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Tuff Leadership Training, step 2:

Amsterdam, Holland
– coming up soon
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Our tough assertion

Sound leadership requires something we can’t manage – It’s easy to fall into the trap of playing offices and managers. Instead of being yourself, with all your flaws, you continue to play a role that’s hard to escape. And the embarrassing thing is everyone knows you’re just pretending.