Most feedback has no effect!

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Most feedback has no effect!

100609_0124How to bring people alive with feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a skill we all need to develop. Instead of being honest and frank about what isn’t working, we usually prefer to be “nice” and avoid uncomfortable situations. Or we give feedback in order to correct and adjust. Feedback delivered like this triggers a person’s defences, provokes argument and…leads to nothing.

So how do you give feedback without being too “nice” and woolly, or too hard and overbearing? Feedback that really brings people alive? Come to our workshop and find out.

How the workshop will be:

Practical, rather than theory-based, with plenty of chances to practice and get perceptive feedback from both the facilitator and your fellow participants.

In this workshop we will explore:

  • Why we so often fail at landing the message when giving feedback
  • The prerequisites for giving feedback that brings people alive
  • How to develop your way of being so that you get out of the parent-child dynamic and into one that is adult-adult
  • A practical conversation framework for giving feedback that will radically improve your results

Who this workshop is for:

Managers, HR professionals or any professionals looking to explore an alternative way of giving feedback that gets results.

TUFF Leadership Training is known for training managers so that change really happens. We have 15 years of working closely with HR-departments and gotten the privilege to train managers world-wide in global organisations. The response we have experienced and the results achieved are the reason why we now would like to establish our business more firmly at the very centre of Europe, viz. Amsterdam.

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Carl Erik Herlitz is one of Sweden’s top coaches and leadership trainers. He has trained thousands of managers around the world and is an excellent teacher.  More about our team →



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