How come we get such good results at Tuff Leadership Training?

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How come we get such good results at Tuff Leadership Training?

How come we get such good results at Tuff LeadershipTraining?


Why does our training developing managers´ ability to lead in a more involving way work so well?

One factor is our method which is developed from pure practice.

We have been working to create self-organising teams for more than 15 years, and formed shaped ways to communicate and to relate to co-workers that bring out responsibility and engagement.

The tools we teach are experienced as easy-to adopt, down-to-earth and therefore the participants can start to practice them immediately after the training.

The other crucial factor that creates results is that we have focused on training and almost skipped all theory.
It involves facing our strengths but most of all to see the pitfalls that you are not fully aware of. These insights are so powerful that they requst change of you and your way of leading.

A central theme in our training is to train your listening skills and this is not only done by theory in our programmes. You get to train and train all over again, and with the support from your coach, you will find that your ability to listen improves by the hours of training; and most importantly, you discover the benefits of being able to truly listen.

These are some of the elements from the training that creates the results that our customers rave about. Although our large customers are still working in a hiearchical organisation, they still benefit from the training as their managers learn how to get more motivated co-workers.

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