#TuffLTchat: The power of feedback in organisations

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#TuffLTchat: The power of feedback in organisations

20160820_1623_webbThis is a special post for Tuff Leadership Training’s first Twitter chat next Tuesday the 15th of November at 17:30 (GMT) ahead of our feedback workshop in London on the 8th of December.

We can all agree that feedback is an essential skill in the workplace; both for individuals’ growth and development, and for effective teamwork. But it’s also something that so many of us struggle with. The feedback we give often has no effect, usually for two reasons. Instead of being honest and frank about what isn’t working, we usually prefer to be “nice” and avoid uncomfortable situations. Or, we give feedback in order to correct and adjust. Feedback delivered like this triggers the other person’s defences, provokes argument and…leads to nothing.

There is plenty of neuroscience research nowadays to understand why our brains often respond to feedback as a threat and therefore why we’re unlikely to change anything at all. Many organisations (Microsoft, Accenture, Gap) are ditching annual performance appraisals for this reason, recognising that more regular, informal feedback is a better solution. But the alternative requires a skills upgrade because we aren’t taught in school or in the workplace how to give feedback that really works, that brings people alive.

In this Twitter chat, we want to have a conversation with you about why feedback is important, why it can be so difficult, and how to do it well. Here are the questions we’ll be discussing:

  1. Why is feedback so important in the workplace?
  2. What’s the best feedback experience you’ve had and why was it great?
  3. What stops managers from being good at giving feedback?
  4. How can organisations create a feedback culture?

Join us on Tuesday, the 15th of November at 17:30 (GMT) for #TuffLTchat. To learn more about how to participate, see the quick guide below.

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How #TuffLTchat works

#TuffLTchat is a one-hour open conversation on a pre-selected topic around leadership hosted by one of the Tuff Leadership Training team.

To get involved, all you need to do is follow the #TuffLTchat on Twitter and join in.

The chat is held on a Tuesday evening at 5:30pm (GMT). In advance, the host creates the topic, which we publicise via our social media accounts — make sure you follow @tuffleadership on Twitter and our LinkedIn page.

The host also writes a short post, which we publish on the Tuff Leadership Training blog (on our website and on Medium) giving some introduction to the chat topic and the 3 or 4 questions that will be discussed.

When it’s time for the chat, the host gets things started, asks the questions and keeps it all running on time.

Once it’s all over, we curate the highlights into a Storify summary and share it. It’s simple, fun and a great way to share ideas. Join us! #TuffLTchat