Tough Cards App: are you up for this Q&A?

Tough Cards App 2

Tough Cards App: are you up for this Q&A?

Thought-provoking, challenging and exciting questions

What do you do at a stiff dinner party? How to start a conversation that is not about the weather, work and golf? The Tuff Leadership Training App is the ultimate icebreaker. The challenging questions help you to connect on a deeper, more personal level.

In a professional setting you can use the Tough Cards App to create understanding within a group … making the group more efficient because of better interpersonal understanding. The Tough Cards App creates conversations that are about the real things in one’s life. The app allows you to ask questions that do not normally come to mind: the questions are interesting and personal and learn how peers know each other on the basis of the answers, as a complete human being. Even in a private setting, the answers to the questions provide another dimensTough Cards Appion of trust between people. You get to know people, and you learn other interesting aspects of people you thought you knew very well.

Tough Cards are thoughtful, provocative questions that you can use in different ways: you can choose from one of three categories, randomly draw a card or fate or let you choose a table companion for you.

Category ‘General’
People are challenged to really open up and connect with each other and talk about the more exciting things about themselves.

  • An important turning point in my life is …
  • I think people find the most irritating about me …
  • Looking back, I’m the most proud of …

Category ‘At present’
The questions are about your biggest challenges right now, you speak about the present. So ideal for when a group of people meet up with each other, or for the assesment of the situation within a group.

  • What relationship are you the most unhappy at this moment?
  • Three Things on what you want your Focus in the coming months

Category ‘Tough Year’
With these cards you offer someone the chance to summarize the past year.

  • The most exciting moment the last year was …
  • This year I’m the most proud of …
  • What I’ve learned about myself this year …


You can download de Tough Cards App in the App Store. Enjoy asking, answering, connecting and exploring!

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