Tuff leadership training – step 2

Tuff Leadership Training – Step 2

Step 2 – Leading teams

The effectiveness of a team hinges on two conditions: that it takes joint proprietorship of the task it has to perform, and that it has an open and secure working climate. In Step 2, you develop the skills you need to help your group become independent.

Step 2 2018

May 6-7 + June 6-7
December 11-12 + January 15-16 (2020)

Course structure

The course consists of four days of intensive training. Our unique exercises clearly show what is important in terms of your team’s effectiveness, and what you can do to make it more independent. You will gain practice in different challenging situations and receive immediate feedback on the effects of your behaviour, drawing your attention to how your way of being and doing can hold back your team. You will also acquire a number of tools that develop genuine cooperation.

Placing responsibility on the team – a common thread

A common feeling amongst managers and leaders is that “everything rests on my shoulders”. You will discover how to place responsibilities on the team without abdicating your leadership role. All training aims to develop this ability, and in so doing, enables you to change your function within the team so you can support it and help it reach its goals.

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A potent way to turn ineffective teams and unconducive working climates into functional and effective ones. 

  Maria Carlén, HR director, AMF

I’ve learnt a lot about how I influence my group’s behaviour. If I take a step back, they automatically take a step forward. 

 Karin Björklund, area manager, Ystad Hospital

What results can I expect?

Our training programme will help you discover:

  • how to read, manage and change the working climate from non-functional to functional
  • how to help your team get itself out of a rut
  • how to help your team get through conflicts
  • how to talk about loaded and infected issues
  • how to hand over far-reaching authority to your team without abdicating as its leader
  • how to create an engaged, independent team
  • how to make meetings more efficient instead of becoming bogged down in details or focused on quick fixes
  • how to lead decision-making processes that result in decisions that are followed and implemented
  • and more…

Common outcomes include, in a nutshell, greater self-assurance in difficult situations and conversations, less operative work on your desk, more efficient meetings, more committed employees, a more receptive and trusting climate, and a completely different, better understanding of what it means to lead.

Why should I go?

To get tough, effective training in coaching leadership. And because you’re interested in making things happen, and in achieving real results both in your work and in your role as a leader. This isn’t a course if you just want a new folder on your bookshelf or a certificate to add to your CV.

A very rewarding course that gave me tools to elevate myself from being a ‘normal’ manager to being one who gives the right feedback, who coaches for change, and who turns the group dynamic in a direction that benefits the business. 

 Keneth Rud, chief consultant, Lexicon iT-konsult

It was terribly difficult looking into yourself and acknowledging your faults, but at the same time it was incredibly useful and important to undergo the process! 

 Christian Bartholomäus, nurse manager, Karolinska Hospital

Who leads the course?

One of our accredited consultants and trainers, all of whom are selected for their ability to coach in accordance with the Tough methodology and to act as catalysts within groups.

What will I experience?

Some tough insights into who you are. A lot of feedback. Frank yet humble course leaders. And above all, practice, practice and yet more practice.

What’s expected of me?

The programme consists of four days’ intensive training, with two consecutive days followed by another two consecutive days with a month in between, during which time you’ll have assignments to do in your own workplace. You’ll be expected to examine and challenge your ingrained patterns of behaviour, and to try out new ways of doing things, even though it might feel as though you’re taking risks. Put simply, you will change in a variety of ways that will benefit your employees and your company’s results.

The hardest but most useful course I’ve ever been on. I mean, theory’s all well and good, but it’s the practical work you do in Tough that makes you grow as a manager.Linda Sundell, Folksam

When and where?

The course takes place in Amsterdam and lasts in total four days (2+2), starting at 9.00 am and ending at 5.00 pm every day.
It is held regularly and you’ll find the next available course dates at the start of this page or in the registration form.

What does it cost?

€ 2.400 (excluding VAT) for all four days + a 30 minute coaching meeting.
The price includes lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments and all materials.

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