Tuff Leadership Training Steps 1 & 2

Tuff Leadership Training – Steps 1 & 2 (full programme)

Tuff Leadership Training Steps 1 and 2 is our most comprehensive programme in coaching leadership, the kind of leadership that assumes that employees are capable of performing much greater tasks than they are normally entrusted to do. The programme is designed to provide you with all you need to fully exercise coaching leadership. If you want it to, it will drastically change your leadership style.

What does the programme consist of?

The programme consists of two steps or modules, each of which comprises four days’ intensive training (2 + 2 days). You can sign up for the full programme or take the steps separately. Day 3 and 4 of each step are usually held about a month after the first two days, during which time you’ll have assignments and training to do in your own workplace, which you’ll follow up on day 3.

Each step and each day of the programme has specific purposes and goals, which become successively more challenging and difficult. Roughly speaking, the focal points of the different steps are as follows:

Step 1 (leading individuals) deals with the basics. Here, you will mainly unpack and examine what a coaching attitude really is (your way of BEING), and how you can apply it to your employees.

Step 2 (leading teams) is about leading teams. You will learn to handle the additional challenge of leading a team of people and how to apply the principles of coaching leadership to foster effective cooperation.

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An excellent course if you’re will to change your leadership style and become a more receptive manager. 

 Anna Eidegren, Group manager, Folksam.

The course helped me to see lots of things that I’d wanted to see a long time ago. It’s given me the courage to realise that conflicts and other tricky situations aren’t really that serious. 

 Lennart Grönberg, Study ombudsman, The Commercial Employees’ Union

 What does the programme and its two steps cost?

One 4-day step costs € 2400, excluding VAT. The price includes lunch, morning and afternoon coffee and all materials.

Our promise and our guarantee

We promise that our Tuff Leadership Training (Steps 1 and 2) programme will give you all you need to fully exercise the principles of coaching leadership, and that you will find it uniquely valuable for you and your role as a manager.

If after completing the programme (Steps 1 and 2), you feel that we haven’t kept this promise, that the training wasn’t as useful to you as you’d wished – which we translate as 7 or less on a 10-point scale – we will reimburse your course fee (minus cost price). In order to honour this guarantee, certain criteria need to be met as regards your participation, which we will inform you of when signing up for both steps.