How to increase employee motivation and commitment

Klas Osvärn, Vice president & Founder, Tacton

We´ve always had a management philosophy predicated on the need for dedicated and trustworthy employees, a philosophy of delegation. But when we reached fifty employees it was harder to make this work out in practice. At that stage I felt  that it would be worthwhile to try and find out what we should really be doing.

Malin Boj HR-manager, Network services:

I believe that everyone can win and has much more to gain facing up to challenges, finding new ways better than those habitually used to confront reality and relate to their people and changing circumstances.

Carl-Erik Herlitz, Tuff Leadership Training

Something we repeatedly come across is that – it´s pretty obvious, it hit me in the face, whatever you have to deal with and overcome, all of us, all managers, and leaders, want to discover how to make employees more productive and increase their motivation.

And what we´ve discovered is that there are other ways of being in charge, other skills you can deploy, things you can become proficient in which have a lot to do with how we can relate to each other as grown-up individuals.

And when you find out how to do that and start getting good at it (and that´s something you can get an opportunity to practice on in our courses), really magic things start happening in your organisation. So it really works!

Marina Marklund, Tuff Leadership Training

You can´t teach yourself how to be a good leader just by reading books, good leadership stems from good self awareness but also from good self-esteem and our coaching consists of training you in discourse so you can learn how to recognize both strength and pitfalls – we work a lot on individual feedback and give you plenty of opportunities to practice. Practise, practise, practise.

Marianne Eschricht, CIO Fritidsresor:

Taking part in Tuff´s  courses has given me a lot in my role as a leader. I´ve had to challenge myself and step back as boss, give my staff the reins and really build up the team and I have been given a whole arsenal of techniques and exercises that I have been able to apply in my day-to-day business working with other people.

Klas Osvärn, Vice president & Founder, Tacton:

We had quite a lot of problems with things clashing in the beginning when we started attending these courses, but overall things have gotten much better at the same time.

As our business has really taken off, we have jumped from 50 to 130 heads in the 3 years concurrent with the courses, and the satisfaction working at the company has increased exponentially. Recently we carried out an employee survey and nine out of ten said it was a very good place to work .

Malin Boj, HR-manager, Network services:

In addition to making the bosses happy to have taken part in such an outstanding course , the end result is that we arrive at a much more open dialogue concerning leadership challenges, especially in the face of, well in tough conversations or whatever it´s about but also in everyday situations.

That encompass everything else as well, that is greater clarity in discourse and communication.

Participants in our courses  give us an avarage raiting of 9,4 out of 10

Training at Tuff deliver results.

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