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 Ricardo Semler

Our primary source of inspiration, the man whose example gave us the courage to try. For almost 25 years, Ricardo Semler, CEO of Brazilian company Semco, has let his employees decide their own hours, salaries and computers. The result: increased profitability, total loyalty and phenomenal growth. Watch clips of Semler here: Video 1 Video 2 Read an excerpt of his book here → Morning Star Self-Management Institute Morning Star is one of the world’s largest tomato processing companies…and has no managers! Find out more at their Self Management Institute → or watch Doug Kirkpatrick give a TED talk on Self-Management.   Gary Hamel Gary Hamel is professor at the London Business School and has been named the world’s most influential “business thinker” by the Wall Street Journal. Fortune Magazine has called him “the world’s leading expert on business strategy”. Listen to him speak about leadership and how we need to organise our companies: Listen to Gary Hamel → Peter Block One consultant (and theoretician) who shares Semler’s views on leadership is Peter Block. We recommend his book Stewardship, which describes with crystal clarity the paradigm shift that must happen. More information → Jesper Juul Parenthood – leadership? When we read Jesper Juul we can see all sorts of similarities between the two. We recommend all managers to read “Your competent Child: Towards A New Paradigm In Parenting And Education  as a book on leadership. More information → The Hunger Project For the past 30 years, the Hunger Project has been challenging outmoded ideas of people in the third world as helpless recipients of aid. Using coaching leadership, the project obtains incredible results in the poorest corners of the world. Tough Leadership Training invests in the Hunger Project. Swedish site →English site → Dan Pink The myth of motivation is deeply rooted in us all. Someone who has debunked this paradigm is the best-selling author Dan Pink, who rips notions of motivation to shreds. Watch him talk about motivation here → Jamie Oliver One of our favourites when it comes to exercising management. Thanks to his efforts, many schools in Britain today serve schoolchildren a meal worthy of the name. More information → Lars Mullback Director, freelance journalist and author who tilted at windmills to import a method for training children with learning disabilities. More information → Sudbury Valley School A school in the USA that is managed from the “bottom up” with a groundbreaking educational philosophy that we find tremendously appealing. More information → Tuff cards Life’s too short to chat! Make sure that your dinner evenings become unforgettable meetings! Get the app: Tuff Cards. The app “Tough Cards” can be downloaded at the Apple App Store. It’s available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Labour market coaching Find out more about our coaching method adapted for jobseeker coaches at  More information → “Coaching jobseekers” by our coach Karin Tenelius can be ordered Order at → And finally, these books… Reinventing Organizations. Frederic Laloux

  • Stewardship. Choosing Service over Self-Interest. Peter Block
  • The Future of Staff Groups. Daring to Distribute Power and Capacity. Joel P. Henning
  • The three laws of performance. Zaffron & Logan
  • The Empowered manager. Peter Block
  • The Deep Blue Sea. Rethinking the Source of Leadership. Wilfred Drath
  • Maverick!: The Success Story Behind the World’s Most Unusual Workplace. Ricardo Semler  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Patrick Lencioni.
  • The Skilled Facilitator. Roger Schwartz
  • Facilitator’s Guide to Participatory Decision-Making. Kaner et.al.
  • Difficult conversations, how to discuss what matters most. Stone, Patton & Heen:
  • Co-Active Coaching. Whitworth, Kimsey-House & Sandahl
  • The Way of Transition. Embracing life’s most difficult moments. William Bridges