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Our courses, or rather our training programmes, are designed to provide you with all you need to fully exercise coaching leadership with the individuals and teams you manage. To do this, you will need to:

  • develop your way of being (acquire a productive and conducive attitude)
  • develop your way of doing (acquire key skills)
  • give yourself a platform for your leadership (acquire self-knowledge and self-esteem)

These attitudes and key skills are developed in Tuff Leadership Training – Steps 1 and 2. The leadership platform is acquired in Tuff Leadership Training – Personal (The Human Element ®).

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Our courses are:

Tuff Leadership Training – Steps 1 and 2 (full programme)

Tuff Leadership Training – Steps 1 and 2 is our most comprehensive programme in coaching leadership, the kind of leadership that assumes that employees are capable of performing much greater tasks than they are normally entrusted to do. The programme offers training not so much in the actual process of coaching but in adopting a coaching attitude towards leadership. It is about how and who you are in your managerial role, how others perceive you, what you radiate and the kind of opinions you adopt. All this is vitally important to the kind of results you achieve. As the name also suggests, the programme contains a great deal of tough practical training, training in the key skills you will need to adopt the principles of coaching leadership. It’s therefore important that you have a goal to motivate your development efforts. Do you feel that you work too much and want your team to be more independent? Maybe you have received discouraging feedback on your managerial style. Or maybe your business has run into difficulties and needs to change… The programme consists of two steps or modules, each of which comprises four days’ intensive training (2 + 2 days). You can sign up for the full programme or take the steps separately. Find out more – step 1-2 →

Tuff Leadership Training – Step 1 (leading individuals)

The first step in the Tuff Leadership Training programme gives you the foundation upon which you can exercise a coaching leadership style and strengthen your employees as individuals. An important part of the course involves unpacking and examining what a coaching attitude really is (your way of BEING). Find out more – step 1 →

Tuff Leadership Training – Step 2 (leading teams)

The second step is about leading teams. You will learn to handle the additional challenge of leading a team of people and how to apply the principles of coaching leadership to foster effective cooperation. Find out more step 2 →

De lastigste maar nuttigste cursus die ik ooit heb gevolgd. Niets ten nadele van theorie, maar door de praktische aanpak van Tuff voor Coachend Leiderschap ontwikkel je je als manager. Linda Sundell, Folksam

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