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Tuff Leadership Training

How do we get such powerful results at Tuff Leadership Training?
Why does our method of training managers to lead in a more involving way work so well?

One factor is our approach which we have developed through pure practice. 20140812_0371We have been creating self-organising teams for more than 15 years, and have discovered ways to communicate with and relate to co-workers that bring out responsibility and engagement.

The tools we teach are easy-to adopt and down-to-earth so participants can start to practice them immediately after the training.

The other crucial factor that creates results is we focus on practical skills training and skip theory almost entirely. It involves surfacing your strengths but more importantly becoming aware of your pitfalls and blind spots.

These insights are so powerful that they demand a change of you and your way of leading.

A central theme in our courses is to train your listening skills. You get to practice constantly and with support from your coach, you will find your ability to listen improves and, most importantly, you discover the benefits of being able to truly listen so that others feel heard.

20140424_0060These are just some of the elements of our training that create the results our customers rave about.

Although our large customers tend to work in hierarchical organisations, they still benefit from the training as their managers learn how to get more motivated co-workers.

A potent way to turn ineffective teams and unconducive working climates into functional and effective ones. 

  Maria Carlén, HR director, AMF

Tuff Leadership Training enters the Dutch market with a Swedish approach

An interview made by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands where Karin Tenelius, CEO, Tuff Leadership Training gives her view on how to create more human working environments.