What we do

What we do


We provide training in a modern, coaching leadership style that brings about real change in people, change that leads to better results for companies and organisations.

Results include:
– An increase in revenues, or a decrease in costs
– Improved efficiency (expressed in terms of faster product cycles)
– An improvement in perceived service as measured by customer satisfaction surveys
– A more enjoyable working environment reported by employee surveys

Leadership is simple – you just have to talk about the hardest things there are.Tuff Leadership Training


Examples of issues and problems that our customers wish to address:
– What can I do to motivate my staff, especially during troubled times when they’re feeling anxious about the company?
– How can I get my staff to take more responsibility? Having to go on at them all the time is driving me crazy!
– What can I do with him? I’ve lost count of the number
of times I’ve had words with him about his attitude, and every time things get better for a while but then just go back to how they were.
– How can I give someone some bad news without appearing too harsh and “managerish”…and yet without being all timid and vague about it either?
– Our meetings feel so incredibly lifeless and quiet. Is it me? What can I do?
– Those two have been at each other’s throats for ages, and it feels as if it’s affecting the whole group – what can I do?

Our strengths:

Our own methods
We have developed our own fast, effective methods of training managers and others in coaching skills and approaches.

Quick results
We quickly create lasting results with no “disruption” to your business.

Releasing capacity
We trust our customers to know their business, so we leave that to them. What we  do is elicit the untapped capacity lying dormant within people and organisations.20140812_1689

We’re used to disorganised processes, which means that we’re quite capable of turning a chaotic office into a well-oiled machine. We won’t back down when the going gets rough.

Our methods:

Coaching leadership and a Bottom-up perspective
In 1999, we helped to implement coaching leadership and a so-called Bottom-up perspective at Frey’s Hotel in Stockholm. Since then, we’ve had similar successes in generating real commercial results for a great many companies and organisations. Put briefly, implementing a Bottom-up perspective means giving employees far-reaching authority over the business. (Find out more about the Bottom-up perspective in the Further Reading section). What we teach are the skills that we’ve developed while working in this way with our customers; in other words, not theories that we’ve learnt but empirical discoveries we’ve made and practical tools we’ve devised.

Working climate
A company’s result is intimately linked to the kind of working climate it operates. There’s nothing new about this theory and many people would agree. P1000048What we’ve done is to develop methods to quickly transform a working climate from an undesired to a functional one, with lasting results. This we do again and again with our customers – not to mention through the managers we train to effect this transformation themselves.

Our coaching method was developed in the early 1990s. While coaching a large number of jobseekers, one of our consultants, Karin Tenelius, noticed that what determined a person’s success in obtaining work was their attitude. From this observation she developed a method that focuses solely on attitude. We introduced the method to the business world and found it to be an unbelievably fast and effective tool for creating lasting results.

We have almost abandoned theory and knowledge transfer, as we know that it’s all about developing skills. When a manager really trains his or her abilities – that’s when leadership improves. With us, you’ll train to the point where you can’t train any more – just like any other practical discipline, from playing the piano to skateboarding.

Our expertise:

We don’t have all the answers, but believe that the implementation of a more coaching way of leadership  and approach is essential to the continuing effectiveness and profitability of our companies and organisations.

We’re experts at coaching leadership, at coaching cultures and at training managers and leaders to adopt a coaching approach in their work. Helping organisations, companies and individuals to develop and practise coaching leadership is our method, which we impart through our consultancy services and open training programmes.

The right service or service mix for you depends on the current circumstances of your organisation and the results you and your colleagues hope to achieve. So a company or organisation wishing to engage us as a partner in order to achieve the results it desires must first engage with us in an open and frank discussion. For an individual manager it can be easier: just choose one of our open training programmes or call in one of our Tuff coaches.


We want to make sure that our services and courses have the desired effect. To this end, we try to pin down, with you (our customers), how we can best affect the results that you seek AND we promise to deliver. If we’re unable to keep this promise, the fee we charge will reflect this. What we promise varies from case to case, as we work on the basis of your aims and your choice of service or training programme.