The course has given me insight into my defense mechanisms and how they limit me in my private and working life. It was a transformative week and I have come out on the other side strengthened and excited!

 Martin Frick, Kemwell

Get ready to understand yourself in a way that can change your life!Jonas Eborn, Modelon

Brilliant training for anyone who wants to be a better manager and /or want to empower their team to self-manage. Helps you understand your personal strengths and recognize your pitfalls, giving you clear guidelines on how to have empowering conversations. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their communications skills.Dr Heidi Kharbhih, Founder of Conversations For Change, Austria

The most welcoming; the most supportive; the most magical 2+2 days I’ve spent with the warmest, brightest, loveliest people in quite some time.  What a special, special experience. Alvin Toffler wrote in “Future Shock” that a strong skill in the future will be Learn, Unlearn, Relearn. This has been the most unlearning and relearning thing I´ve ever experienced. Deeply moving learning experience and philosophy for leaders.Perry Timms, Founder & Chief Energy Officer, PTHR (People and Transformational HR), England

It´s like a petri-dish of inspiration, growth and evolution. Thought I came here to learn new skills, feel like humpty-dumpty, who has been cracked open and put back together again. This needs to reach more and more and more people!Suparna Malhotra, Career Progression Coach, Leadership Development for Women, BPI group, England

Expanded tool set and structure for conversations.Cecilia Block, Director Global Sales Programs, Oracle

The training is about so much more than techniques for different conversations. It has been really inspiring. It has been confusing and hard but also fun. It has given me confidence to take care of some issues that should be addressed.Åsa Norrthon, Director, Kuiper & Burger

A different and most effective way to coach people and provide feedback.Audrey Besson Levine, Managing Partner at Dragonfly Consultants

Distinguishing the “soft side”. How being “tough” can be such an act of kindness. A framework to more intentional about the conversations I have.Dunia Reverter, ‎Coode Associates

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