A really good way learning to be aware and choose how you can communicate and listen to somebody. Really great to do this and learn from this.Cobi van Velzen, HR Services, Talent In Balans

Be prepared to immerse yourself emotionally and mentally during the training to get the most of it. These techniques will be useful tools for the real life situations out there when you need to have conversations with your reports.Whui Mei Yeo, Senior SDK Product Manager, ‎Sony Mobile Communications

Discovering and practicing leadership skills and conversational skills for a new paradigm of business performance.Lisa Gill, Director, Reimaginaire Ltd

Brilliant training for anyone who wants to be a better manager and/or want to empower their team to self-manage. Helps you understand your personal strengths and recognize your pitfalls, giving you clear guidelines on how to have empowering conversations.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve their communications skills.

 Dr. Heidi Kharbhih, Director, Optimise Your Business Ltd

A true and tangible “toolset” for being even better at what I truly am – to get unstuck in tough situations.Eveleijne Bruning, Director, The Hunger Project

Tools for life. Abilities: Listening, honesty, under the surface.Fredrik Hultén, directeur, Olingo

I appreciate that Tuff Leadership Training has been so “hands on”, so practical. It has given me new ways of looking at leadership. The most fun and the most interesting course I have ever participated in.

 Göran Sjöberg, Partner Account manager, Hewlett-Packard Sverige AB

This is the best, hardest and most fun training that I have ever participated in. The message is that good leadership is about well- it is a tool to make my work a training camp in leadership, during twelve weeks, which is very strong.Fredrik Jansson, Head of projects IT, SEB Asset Management

The training is as tough as you make it. I have gained insights and knowledge about myself that will be useful for the rest of my life. This is the best that has happened to me in terms of training! I am a more happy and a more efficient Anette!Anette Eriksson, Group manager, Skanska Sweden AB

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