A new way of leading and of being a manager without being bossy. More important is one´s being rather than one´s doing. Good feedback, concise, nice humour.Mattias Forslund, Change manager, program manager, Sony Mobile Communications

Several nice insights that will affect my personalityBjörn Pileryd, Software Architect, Sony Mobile Communication

It gave me a completely different and much better dimension on the whole concept of leadership! Thanks!

 Pia Johansson, executive manager

After my shadowing, I really noticed a change in the next coaching session I had with a member of staff. We arrived at a solution to a problem that the person had been having for quite a while, and it took only 20 minutes. Talk about efficient use of time! The next day she came up to me and asked to have a word in private. She wanted to tell me how good she had felt after our meeting and how it had lifted her entire evening! It was fantastic. I also got feedback from her during the meeting on what she felt I could be better at. Talk about partnership!

 Sonny Malm, Sales director

It was really rewarding and efficient. I got perfect feedback that was incredibly useful straight away without having to think about how to make it suit my needs. I just put it straight to use in my staff appraisals. Thank you!

 Maria Sahlén, Sales director

An excellent way of getting constructive feedback on how I behave. It was important for me to see this as training – the more ‘mines’ I hit, the more I learned. Shadowing gave me good, concrete tips to take home about the areas in which my managers, my management team and I can develop.

 Fredrik Nordberg, head of sales management team

Instead of being frank and to the point, we´re “nice” to each other so as to avoid awkward or unpleasant situations. This undermines efficiency and jeopartidsis profitability.Tuff Leadership Training

A manager´s role is not to know best, but to unleash the competence of others.     Tuff Leadership Training

If we could change our attitude towards conflicts and learn to embrace them naturally, we would improve our workplaces and, with them, our results. 

 Tuff Leadership Training

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