Leadership is simple – you just have to talk about the hardest things there are.Tuff Leadership Training

The hardest but most useful course I’ve ever been on. I mean, theory’s all well and good, but it’s the practical work you do in Tough that makes you grow as a manager.Linda Sundell, Folksam

It was terribly difficult looking into yourself and acknowledging your faults, but at the same time it was incredibly useful and important to undergo the process! 

 Christian Bartholomäus, nurse manager, Karolinska Hospital

A very rewarding course that gave me tools to elevate myself from being a ‘normal’ manager to being one who gives the right feedback, who coaches for change, and who turns the group dynamic in a direction that benefits the business. 

 Keneth Rud, chief consultant, Lexicon iT-konsult

I’ve learnt a lot about how I influence my group’s behaviour. If I take a step back, they automatically take a step forward. 

 Karin Björklund, area manager, Ystad Hospital

A potent way to turn ineffective teams and unconducive working climates into functional and effective ones. 

  Maria Carlén, HR director, AMF

For real rather than in theory. Doing, not just talking about doing.
Malin Engström, Business developer, AMF

I’ve found new tools and discovered new strengths and weaknesses in myself. I feel that I don’t have to solve every problem myself.Mats Levenhast, Head of Teknik Motor, Folksam

Fun, challenging, useful and developing for everyone in a managerial position. A manual in how to relate to your employees.Suzanne Odeberg-Wernerman, deputy clinical manager, Karolinska University Hospital

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