A coaching course that really is what it says. A lot of training. I appreciated the month-long interval for training back at work. It’s a real ‘doer’ course of immediate practical use. 

 Mia Åberg, Clinical manager, Folktandvården

A course that blends theory with practice and that gives you a chance to try out what you’ve learnt and get immediate feedback on it. Getting to practice all the time is extremely enriching. 

  Magnhild Owman, QlikTeck International

The course helped me to see lots of things that I’d wanted to see a long time ago. It’s given me the courage to realise that conflicts and other tricky situations aren’t really that serious. 

 Lennart Grönberg, Study ombudsman, The Commercial Employees’ Union

An excellent course if you’re will to change your leadership style and become a more receptive manager. 

 Anna Eidegren, Group manager, Folksam.

Take the course! I’ve learnt much more in these past four days than I’ve done on all previous courses put together!Annika Slattery, group manager, Folksam.

I gained self-insight and was given a ‘toolbox’ that feels genuinely useful! It was much better than all the other leadership courses I’ve attended. I found the personal ‘cases’ part really rewarding, both in getting to hear other people and trying things out for myself.Sofie Torngren, Nursing manager, Nacka geriatric clinic

A course in getting to know yourself, understanding how others react and developing a brand new attitude as a leader. Great pace and information, and an excellent amount of training.Anna Sinclair, Sony Mobile Communication

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