Leadership affects sales results

In the autumn of 2013, a large international financial company ordered a customised programme designed to improve its sales teams’ results by making the managers adopt a more coaching style with the ability to give clearer feedback to their staff. One determined ambition was for the programme to really deliver lasting changes in attitudes and skills rather than be an isolated training session.

The entire programme lasted nine months, 3.5 months of which involved Tough Leadership Training. Each participating sales manager underwent the following:

  • a start-up conversation on challenges and goals with his/her own manager
  • initial feedback from their own staff on selected relevant skills
  • 1.5 days’ intensive practical, true-to-life training with a Tough trainer
  • 3 personal coaching meetings with a Tough coach, spread over 3 months
  • 2-3 hours’ Tough Shadow in which the managers were observed at meetings, conversations and other kinds of live interaction with their employees, and given feedback and coaching during and afterwards
  • a 1-day closing training session and follow-up
  • closing feedback from their own staff on the relevant skills
  • “rounding-off conversations” with their own managers on their own future development and training

Apart from the obvious appreciation shown by the participants and the excellent evaluations they gave, there were also clear positive effects on sales results for the participating managers’ employees. The project has since been expanded for a new intake, and will continue to grow.

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