About our services

We have long experience of enhancing the cooperative spirit of small and large organisations. Instead of probing business issues, organisational flowcharts and theories, we focus on the cooperation – that’s to say the communication, working climate, culture and leadership. We quickly identify the specific problems, challenges and development areas of each group or organisation, and design a relevant package of interventions to help managers and employees develop the skills they need to work more efficiently.

Our services are catalytic in character, releasing the capacity inherent in our customer organisations with respect to effective leadership, open communication and a productive working culture. We’re good and creating lasting results, quickly.

The right service or service mix for you depends on the current circumstances of your organisation and the results you and your colleagues hope to achieve. So feel free to call us for a frank and honest discussion about what would be most suitable for you.

Our services include:

Tuff Coaching
Tuff Leadership Coaching
Tuff Shadow
Tuff Cooperation Coaching
Tuff Management Team Development
Tuff Sales Culture