Tuff cooperation coaching

Tuff Cooperation Coaching

Change a team’s working climate from unwanted to effective

If we could change our attitude towards conflicts and learn to embrace them naturally, we would improve our workplaces and, with them, our results. 

 Tuff Leadership Training

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Companies, divisions and teams.


This service is for managers and leaders who feel that the internal conflicts that arise drain too much energy from their business and that the group dynamic isn’t working. Maybe there’s a conflict or crisis of confidence between a division and its manager, a team that’s unable to cooperate, or a general feeling of stagnation at the workplace. You’ll receive a Tough coach who’ll lead the process that will quickly turn your present working climate into an effective and functional one.


The coach meets the whole team at work for 2-6 hours on 2-8 occasions and is available for support and coaching throughout the process. Supplementary coaching is done in smaller groups or individually if needed (e.g. the managers or manager).


The process is complete when 90% of the employees answer Yes when asked if the working climate is functional and effective. It usually takes 2 or 3 months for a normally sized team (20 to 30 people) to achieve this goal.


€ 1.100, excluding VAT, per participant.

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