Tuff leadership coaching

Tuff Leadership Coaching

A manager´s role is not to know best, but to unleash the competence of others.     Tuff Leadership Training

For managers and leaders who want to change their manner and become more coaching – in earnest

Target group


Managers and leaders of all levels in companies and organisations.


Tuff Leadership Coaching is for managers and leaders who want to adopt a more coaching manner to start a change process in their workplace. You’ll get a Tough coach who’ll help you maintain your coaching leadership style and achieve your aims.


You and your coach will identify your current dilemmas and aims. Meetings last 60 to 90 minutes, and will be held as often as your goals and needs dictate.


€ 280 (excluding VAT) per hour.

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Email: info@tuffleadershiptraning.com
Tel: +46 8-446 16 20