Tuff management team development

Tuff Management Team Development

Tuff Management Team Development – for improved cooperation, higher efficiency and greater job satisfaction in your management team

An excellent way of getting constructive feedback on how I behave. It was important for me to see this as training – the more ‘mines’ I hit, the more I learned. Shadowing gave me good, concrete tips to take home about the areas in which my managers, my management team and I can develop.

 Fredrik Nordberg, head of sales management team

Are your meetings rambling and uninspired? Is it hard to make decisions, or to implement the decisions you do make? Do you all want different things? Do you get bogged down in details or seduced by the quick-fix? Are you held back by tired attitudes and behaviour patterns? Is the climate lacklustre, cautious or stressful?20140812_1483_1

Tuff Management Team Development helps management teams that are either stuck in a rut or that work together well but wish to boost their effectiveness by levering themselves up to new levels of cooperation, openness and communication.

Target group

Management groups of all sizes in companies and organisations.


Tuff Management Team Development is a process in which a Tough coach experienced in working with management teams will help the team identify its specific challenges. At the first start-up meeting, we’ll establish the team’s current situation and its members will gain a greater awareness and a more shared view of the obstacles preventing effective cooperation and what they need to do to move forward. You set clear goals for the team’s development, and the coach will then train the team in whatever is needed to progress, and supply it with the relevant tools to do so. Rather than following a pre-determined structure, the process is customised to the needs and priorities of the team, providing training in such areas as the basics of effective decision-making, feedback, communication, and efficient meetings. A frequent need of management teams is training in practical strategy work, since a common pitfall is involuntarily ending up in operative discussions.

What’s unique about our Tuff Leadership Training service is that we are skilled at quickly identifying the genuine obstacles without getting bogged down in the issues. Maybe the group has an unproductive dynamic that manifests itself as a tug of war between, say, “the traditionalists” and the innovators, or the “company loyalists” and the individualists. Or perhaps there are some infected topics that everyone knows should be addressed but no one ever talks about. Things like this impede efficiency more than one might imagine. We help the team to clear the air naturally, expose the unspoken obstacles and prepare the way for greater efficiency.


The process is estimated to take 3-6 months depending on how extensive and intensive it is. A Tough coach will be available at all times for the duration.


The process is complete when 90% of the employees answer Yes when asked if the team has become more efficient, and feel that its development goals have been achieved.


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