Tuff sales culture

Tuff Sales Culture

How to build an effective sales culture. An empowering sales culture is based on motivated employees, an effective group dynamic, frank and honest feedback and feelings of success. In Tuff Sales Culture we offer a spectrum of tools that help you get everything to work. A Tough coach leads and coordinates the entire process so that the culture can start to operate effectively – quickly.


The Tuff Sales Culture process is like our Cooperation Coaching: the coach meets the team at a workshop to establish its current status, and then at work for 2-6 hours on four or five occasions. The coach is available for support throughout the process. Supplementary coaching is done in smaller groups or individually if necessary. We recommend that during this time managers and leaders attend our Tuff Leadership Training programme for sales managers, and that sales staff take our Tuff Sales Training course.

An empowering sales culture

We combine true-to-life role plays with the participants’ own situations to make you aware of your strengths as a leader and the traps you fall into. You’ll receive a lot of feedback on how to handle the challenges and problems you face. The supplementary days will be devoted especially to the sales situation and to showing you a fresh perspective on the sales process. You will also learn to coach individual employees and teams towards stronger sales results.

The characteristics of an empowering sales culture

The criteria are:

  • A strong culture marked by teamwork instead of rivalry
  • Openness
  • A mature feedback culture
  • A learning culture
  • A coaching manager
  • Shared responsibility for sales results


The process is concluded when 90% of the employees answer Yes when asked if the sales culture is empowering. It normally takes 2 or 3 months to achieve this goal.


€ 1.650, excluding VAT, per participant.

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