Tuff shadow

Tuff Shadow

Do you need a little shove to put your new skills and insights into effect at work?
Then let a Tuff coach “shadow” you at work as you integrate with your employees. A guaranteed way of moving onwards and upwards in your professional development!20140812_0839

For whom?

This service is for managers and leaders who have taken Tuff Leadership Training – Step 1 and who wish to cement the principles of coaching leadership in their work.

How does it work?

Choose the occasions (lasting a few hours, half a day or a full day) when you have a lot of interaction with your employees and order the services of a Tough coach for your workplace. Appropriate times might be when you have performance management meetings and/or facilitate meetings. Your coach will give you support and help you tackle the challenges you face. Shadowing includes feedback time.


€ 780 (excluding VAT) for a basic shadowing session of 2.5 hours, plus € 250 per additional hour.

What our customers say about being “shadowed”

An excellent way of getting constructive feedback on how I behave. It was important for me to see this as training – the more ‘mines’ I hit, the more I learned. Shadowing gave me good, concrete tips to take home about the areas in which my managers, my management team and I can develop.

 Fredrik Nordberg, head of sales management team

It was really rewarding and efficient. I got perfect feedback that was incredibly useful straight away without having to think about how to make it suit my needs. I just put it straight to use in my staff appraisals. Thank you!

 Maria Sahlén, Sales director

After my shadowing, I really noticed a change in the next coaching session I had with a member of staff. We arrived at a solution to a problem that the person had been having for quite a while, and it took only 20 minutes. Talk about efficient use of time! The next day she came up to me and asked to have a word in private. She wanted to tell me how good she had felt after our meeting and how it had lifted her entire evening! It was fantastic. I also got feedback from her during the meeting on what she felt I could be better at. Talk about partnership!

 Sonny Malm, Sales director

It gave me a completely different and much better dimension on the whole concept of leadership! Thanks!

 Pia Johansson, executive manager

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