The Human Element

The Human Element -five days to strengthen your self-esteem and create a personal shift

We all have times in life where we have felt inadequate, that we could have done something better, reacted differently or acted like someone else.

Self-confidence and self-esteem 

People often confuse self-confidence with self-esteem. Improving self-confidence can be quite simple. However, self-esteem is different. So how can you strengthen your self-esteem? Could you be a pro at being yourself? The Human Element is about strengthening self-esteem and increasing self-awareness.

Get ready to understand yourself in a way that can change your life!Jonas Eborn, Modelon


How does the course work?

In The Human Element, you will explore your limitations and the preferences you have when interacting with others. You will look at your interpretations of life and ask: “are they right? Do they need to be reviewed and or even scrapped?” With a group size of between 8 and 12 people, the course consists of five consecutive and intensive day-long sessions, working both in groups and individually. The group’s openness and discretion is a prerequisite for a successful The Human Element Week.Tuff Leadership Training course leaders offer individual coaching during the week for those who want it, as it is common for ideas and reactions to surface that may need to be worked through in order to progress.”The course gave me a valuable insight into how I look at myself and what I do to ”survive” in group settings. Since the course, I’ve thrown myself into things I would avoided before.”

What results can I expect from this course?

Our course participants tell us that after the course they make more decisions in which they feel they are finally sitting in the driver’s seat of their lives. They have fewer complaints about themselves and life, they experience greater ease, satisfaction and create effective ways to deal with challenges in their work and and personal lives. Things that people are unsatisfied with in life are guaranteed to emerge so during the programme you have the opportunity to reflect, rethink and make new and powerful choices. This increased self-knowledge also contributes to increased understanding and improved cooperation.

What are the benefits for a team or organisation if employees participate in The Human Element?

If you are interested in a culture of security and openness in which feedback is a natural occurrence, The Human Element course is a great support for your organisation.

The course has given me insight into my defense mechanisms and how they limit me in my private and working life. It was a transformative week and I have come out on the other side strengthened and excited!

 Martin Frick, Kemwell

What will I get as a manager if I participate?

You will gain insights into how you relate to and interact with others in a group. You will experience the benefits of taking more responsibility and acting more consciously, choosing the most effective behaviour rather than simply reacting automatically. You will also develop relationships with your group, experiencing and understanding the principles of effective collaboration.

Application and costs

The course is made In-House, please contact us for more information at