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When new ways of working aren’t working

Many organisations are exploring new ways of working today, whether it’s self-organisation, Agile teams, trust-based leadership, Teal, or systems like Sociocracy or Holacracy. More and more people are discovering what’s possible when teams and individuals have more autonomy and accountability.

At the same time, many people who are experimenting with these approaches are struggling with complaints like:

  • “We’ve given people permission, why aren’t they self-managing?”

  • “People are using self-organisation as an excuse to do whatever they want!”

  • “Things feel worse now than they were before…”

  • “How do you have a culture of accountability without becoming top-down again?”

  • “Former managers are struggling with being more coaching…”

  • “It’s taking so much effort – we do also need to do actual work as well!”

  • “This doesn’t seem to be good for diversity, equity and inclusion…”

  • “Some people really like what we’re exploring, others are really sceptical or even totally resistant!”

Recognise any of these?

Tuff as a transformation partner

In order for new ways of working to actually work, two things are crucial:

  1. Leaders unlearning the top-down way of being that is ingrained in all of us and training in a way of being that is more empowering, trust-based and adult-to-adult

  2. A culture of increased trust and openness in which people are co-responsible for dealing with tensions and conflicts in a healthy way, and holding each other accountable

Tuff creates unique partnerships with each organisation depending on your level of ambition and current status. This usually involves:

  • Places on our open Tuff training programmes or the creation of internal training programmes

  • Tuff Collaboration Coaching to help shift the culture and upgrade the level of collaboration in teams

  • Tuff coaching for key roles, such as senior leaders, in how to embody a more adult-to-adult way of being throughout the transformation process

Outcomes with Tuff

Some typical outcomes of transformation processes towards greater autonomy in teams are:

  • Increased employee and customer satisfaction

  • Changes are initiated and driven from all across the organisation as if by magic

  • Leaders gain back time for strategy and business development work

  • Decreased absenteeism

  • Historic, unresolved conflicts are transformed

  • Increased ability to attract and retain talent

Advisory session
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Self-management is about more than reinventing structures

More and more is being written about self-managing and decentralised ways of working, with organisations like Haier and Buurtzorg capturing the attention of management and business thinkers the world over. However, most (if not all) of the focus in these case studies tends to be on structures and processes. Don’t get me wrong, structures and processes are extremely important. But they are not enough if we truly want our organisations to shift.

Lisa Gill
28 September 2020