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What is the missing piece for shifting our organisations?

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We need to shift

We need to shift. Away from traditional, hierarchical, top-down ways of working, and towards ways of working that are more adaptive, agile, and self-directed.

But there is a crucial piece that most organisations are not aware of. Without this piece, any efforts to shift the culture, leadership, or ways of working will fail. This webinar is about that missing piece.


Online interactive Zoom session

10:00-12:00 CET

Free of charge

Who is this for?

This webinar is for two main audiences: people responsible for leadership training in organisations (for example, heads of Learning and Development, HR, People, or Culture); and managers or leaders interested in participating in one of our programmes.

What to expect?

An interactive session about how we can view leadership and organisational culture in a totally different way. You will also discover what mindset and skills leaders need to develop in order to create real shifts.

Time commitment

The webinar is two hours long (10:00 - 12:00 CET), including input and interactive elements.


We run these sessions regularly so check out the dates to register for one that works for you.


Online using Zoom. It will be nothing like a normal webinar. It will be a mix of input and practical, interactive elements using breakout rooms.

What you will get

You’ll gain new insights about leadership and organisational culture, as well as a clear understanding of how Tuff creates concrete results such as:

  • Shifting leaders’ way of being, from unconsciously hierarchical (what we call a ‘parent-child’ dynamic) to new awareness and an ability to be equal-equal (adult-adult)

  • The ability to really listen, so that people around them feel heard

  • The confidence to give feedback in a way that creates breakthroughs in others’ development

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About Tuff

Tuff is known for transformative learning experiences that create real and lasting shifts. At the core of our method is a set of principles we have developed through twenty years of practice.

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Self-management is about more than reinventing structures

More and more is being written about self-managing and decentralised ways of working, with organisations like Haier and Buurtzorg capturing the attention of management and business thinkers the world over. However, most (if not all) of the focus in these case studies tends to be on structures and processes. Don’t get me wrong, structures and processes are extremely important. But they are not enough if we truly want our organisations to shift.

Lisa Gill
28 September 2020